Is There Anyone Else Out There?

The one thing I love about blogging — even if it is something as frivolous as recapping a children’s book series — is that I’m shouting out into the virtual wilderness, hoping that someone out there finds me. The problem with basing your blog on a rather obscure series, though, is that there doesn’t appear to be anyone else shouting, too. Sure, there’s the official Avalon website and Facebook site, and all the other resource links up in the menu … but other than a few old Geocities sites from when the series originally came out and a mostly-dead message board, I haven’t seen another Avalon fan site.

So if you have one, comment below with your address, and I’ll post the link on the sidebar … once I figure out how to do that. Us Avalon sites need to stick together.

And to everyone on the East Coast who’s in Irene’s path, I pray that you all stay safe. The Archive’s headquartered in the greater Boston area now, and I’m hunkering down for the weekend … so don’t be alarmed if I don’t post.



  1. Fansites are kinda things of the past since the era of “Internet 2.0” has dawned upon us, now it’s all social networks and wikis / wikias and similar organised services.

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