Secret of the Unicorn, Chapter 3: My Healbot Sense Is Tingling!

If you have the original edition of this book, this is the first section of Chapter 2 and the first third of Chapter 3 all smushed together. As before, I’ll be using the new edition chapter numbering in my post titles, so just take a peek here if you don’t want to get lost in the old edition. We already covered the part from Chapter 2 last time; all I really need to note is that the original edition mentions that Lyra is now fully recovered from her prior injuries. (Recall that in the old edition, Lyra spent less time with the Fletchers, and thus wasn’t one hundred percent when she left and found Kara.)

Anyway, after the new batch of refugees arrive at Ravenswood, Emily comes to and senses that a ton of animals need her help. (See why it makes sense for that scene from Chapter 2 to be moved here? It makes it appear that Emily’s fainting fit is caused by the portal opening, and not that wave-generated barrage of magic.) Emily tells Kara that her Healer sense is tingling — or something to that effect.

In the new edition, Kara is initially worried about Lyra, but Emily tells her that she’s fine. Since the situation doesn’t necessarily require Kara’s presence, she opts to continue cheerleading at the football game. Her plans immediately change after Adriane calls Kara on her blue pink cell phone and confirms what Emily felt. Emily hands the Pet Palace dogs to the Cool Dudes (well, mainly Marcus), and then rushes off to Ravenswood with Kara.

For those of you wondering if Marcus is being set up as Kara’s or Emily’s love interest: he’s not. I know Emily mentions that Kara likes him, and Marcus sure acts all chivalrous around Emily, but it doesn’t signify anything.

EDIT: Changes in the e-book edition

  • Kara’s cell phone is no longer pink.

Next time: Erwin Rommel is reincarnated as a koala bear.



  1. This must have been a very short chapter in the original version; even with the bit about the portal added it’s not very long.

    So did Kara originally have a blue cell phone and the color was omitted in the rerelease, or was it supposed to be a telephone in Kara’s room?

    1. Kara has a blue cell phone in the original edition (and it’s a StarTac, which really dates the book); the color isn’t mentioned in the revised edition.

      1. OK then. I suppose there isn’t much room for change when the revised line is, Kara whipped out her cell phone. I wonder if Kara would rather have a pink one?

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