Secret of the Unicorn, Chapter 2: The Last Wave

Okay, loyal followers, things are gonna start to get screwy here. The first section of Chapter 2 in the original edition is our first instance of a moved scene: it’s placed at the start of Chapter 3 in the revised edition — which, honestly, makes a lot more sense. In the scene, the portal in Ravenswood opens, and a herd of Black Fire-poisoned animals stumbles out. Adriane, Stormbringer, and Lyra help the new refugees as best as they can, but are startled by the brief appearance of a strange, multi-colored horse thing.

Meanwhile (or before this happens, if you have the revised edition), Emily walks the Pet Palace dogs to Stonehill Middle School’s first football game of the year. She can’t shake the feeling that something horrible is going down at Ravenswood. Unfortunately, game day probably wasn’t the best day to bring the dogs to the game, because they all jump on Mrs. Windor. This pisses off everyone’s favorite city council member to no end. (Remember, children: kicking a dog — or just calling a nice dog who wants love-ups a “mangy mutt” for no reason — flags a character as a Not Very Nice Person.)

Anyway, Emily makes her way to the bleachers, and feels increasingly crampy and feverish. She spies a creepy, ghoulish face in the crowd, which freaks the shit out of her. Luckily, the Catty Girls and Cool Dudes find Emily and let her sit with them. The Cool Dudes act all chivalrous and ask Emily how she’s doing, Joey asks Emily where Adriane’s at, Molly wonders if one of Emily’s dogs could be Stonehill Middle School’s mascot, and the other Catty Girls make a snide comment or two.

Then the crowd starts the wave, Emily’s Rainbow Jewel goes on Detect Evil overload, and a surge of magical energy generated by said wave causes Emily to black out. Oh noes.

Next time: Kara makes a phone call.



  1. Lol@ Kick The Dog involving an actual dog.

    About the Pet Palace thing… Carolyn’s parenting strikes me as a little weird. I don’t think it’s ever mentioned that she pays Emily for working at the Pet Palace, and it’s one thing to expect kids to do household chores, but this is a business and Emily is practically running it. And it’s not like she’s just stocking shelves at the family grocery store; she’s handling (often by herself) animals that are in a strange and stressful situation around a bunch of other animals. Especially with big dogs, that could be really dangerous. And she’s twelve years old. O.o

    1. Emily not being paid to work at the Pet Palace does strike me as odd — but maybe that’s because I used to get paid minimum wage whenever I did errands at my dad’s work at her age. (I’m still not sure if Emily’s supposed to be twelve or thirteen at this point in the series, grr.) I also suspect that some of these dogs have been with the Fletchers since book 1 — which took place sometime in mid-August, as Emily notes later on — which is kinda weird, too. Even stranger: Ozzie starts doing most of the Pet Palace chores as the series progresses, when the kennel is Emily’s responsibility … and as we’ve already seen, putting a ferret in charge of a bunch of animals is not a Good Idea.

      In short: the Fletchers are kinda a screwy bunch.

      The Pet Palace seems to drop out of focus as the series goes on, though. I guess it’s hard for Emily and Ozzie to juggle chores and saving the known universe. Last time I think it’s mentioned is in Ghost Wolf, when some professor leaves a few monkeys with Dr. Fletcher — which, again, is very strange….

  2. I kind of sympathize with Mrs. Windor, or at least I can understand her angle: it is hard to disprove that Ravenswood has no dangerous animals since the girls need to hide all the magical beings, so it looks suspicious of them. However, it is clear that Windor wants to just get rid of the place regardless of what’s going on there.

    It was confusing to me when the evil face appeared. The wording made it ambiguous if Emily was actually seeing it in the crowd or if it was just an illusion to freak her out (the illustrator looks like she thought it was the later given the dreamlike look of it). But then later in the chapter Emily knows something’s moving through the crowd toward her, so the fiend really was there?

    1. I was kinda confused by that, too. Later on you learn that the monster can create illusions, so maybe it was really there ,and making Emily see things. I might need to re-read that part.

  3. I started to read this chapter yesterday but got only a few lines in before a combo of chores and work hit, and I had to finish it today after more chores and work.

    There seem to be some more blatant typos in this chapter. Is the team supposed to be the Sharks or the Sparks?

    Also, the popular blonde girl is a cheerleader, because of course she is. It’s not like she’d be anything else. *rolls eyes*

    1. The team is supposed to be the Stonehill Sparks. If they were the Sharks I would’ve posted pics of my favorite hockey team ^_^

      I just finished rereading this book and noticed a bunch of errors in my e-book copy, too.

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