Secret of the Unicorn, Chapter 1: Use the Force, Emily!

Yay, my books finally arrived! Now I can finally get back to recaps! So without further ado….

Emily decides to jump on the trippy dream sequence bandwagon one night, and dreams of hearing a special song in some sort of winter wonderland. She loses track of the melody, and desperately wants to recapture it because said song has to be sung by her.

The next day Emily unpacks her flute and tries to replay the song from memory. She fails epically: her flute and Rainbow Jewel (yeah, her Sparkly Rock has an official name now) start flashing weird colors as Emily plays, and it only gets worse when she hits a sour note. Hell, her attempts are so bad that they attract Dr. Fletcher’s notice; she comes up to Emily’s room asking what all the noise is about, and then reminds Emily to take care of a supply snafu at the Pet Palace.

Granted, Emily has a ton of shit on her mind right now: that weird song, her last conversation with her dad, auditioning for the school marching band, and helping out at Ravenswood. So she’s been having Ozzie take care of Pet Palace issues — which she now learns is a bad idea. Ozzie, being an elf in ferret form, has probably realized that ferret chow (not to mention doggie chow and cat chow) tastes like crap, so he ordered everything in the pet supply catalog and threw a kennel party.

Unfortunately, poor Emily has to clean the place up before walking the dogs and picking up Kara at the football game that afternoon. So like any pre-teen (teenage?) girl with access to magic powers, she decides to cast a few spells to tidy things up. Emily casts Levitate, and causes all the kibble to float into the air — and then a piercing noise fills the room, levitating the animals and causing the kibble to explode into sparkly fireworks.

Yeah, nice job ruining everything, Emily.

Not very many changes from the original edition, other than a few additional Ozzie antics in the revised edition and a couple of differences in the girls’ powers in Emily’s inner monologue. Emily has the power to connect with and heal animals; Adriane’s Wolf Stone shapes the natural world around her increases her speed, strength, and offense; and Kara has the innate ability to attract, amplify, and strengthen magic.

Status Update!
Emily’s Sparkly Rock is renamed: Rainbow Jewel!

EDIT: Changes in the e-book edition

  • Emily’s hair is “curly”, not “loose”.

Next time: Mrs. Windor kicks a dog.



  1. That’s a strange order, Emily thought. It looked like supplies for a pet party. For some reason, that has been one of my favorite lines in the series, and stayed with me ever since reading it.

    I really like the illustration too, with the animals and feed swirling around a distraught Emily.

    I never noticed that it was here that Emily’s jewel is first called the rainbow jewel. I wish the spells had names in these books.

    1. I kinda wish that the spells had names, too. I’ve been relying on D&D spell guides and real-life friends for spell names. Though I guess spell names kinda go against the whole free-form nature of mage-type magic in the Avalon universe.

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