Avalon Movie News

Yes, it exists. Well, it will exist. Hopefully. The old edition of Song of the Unicorns said that a movie would be released in 2004, but it never happened.

So what do we know about it? Not much. Most of the information comes from Rachel’s comments on this Facebook photo.

  • As of April 3, 2011, the script is being finished. By whom, we don’t know. I get the impression that RR has written for TV shows, so it’s possible that she may be doing the script herself.
  • The story will be “based on book 1 with some elements from book 2 and a few new twists.”
  • “It will be live action with amazing effects.”
  • On a later comment (May 2, 2011) to a different post, RR says that the movie should come out next year. There’s no trace of it on IMDB that I can find, nor any news/press releases on the internet. Considering how long it takes to make a movie, it’ll probably come out in the later half of next year at the earliest, thought I’d bet on sometime in 2013.
  • Twice I’ve asked if it’ll be theatrical release, straight-to-DVD, or made-for-TV, and she hasn’t answered yet. Hmmmm…

I’m kind of disappointed that it won’t be 2D animation, because the books are so cartoonish sometimes, especially with humor. Also, I wonder if an Avalon movie would have the budget to make CG effects for the monsters and magic look believable and non-cheesy. But hey, maybe it’ll look great. It’s too early to judge. I just hope that this movie actually happens.


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