Everything that we know about Shadow Warrior so far



Hi everybody! Er, is there anybody out there? I’m SoozieQ, the new contributor, and I’ll be filling in for Jacquesworth for the next few weeks. I won’t be doing recaps, but I will write some posts about Shadow Warrior, the movie, the characters, and the fandom.

To kick things off, here’s a list of every bit of information that I can find about Avalon: Shadow Warrior.

  • It’s a trilogy and the first book comes out in Fall 2011. The other two will be released in 2012.
  • It’s Adriane-centric and will feature much more of Zach, Drake, and the mistwolves.
  • The girls are in high school.
  • “The Mage Academy has opened in The Garden on Aldenmor. Teenagers from all over the web are pooling their knowledge and learning about magic. All kinds of magic! There are even dark mages attending.”
  • Adriane is now a level three mage and halfway to level four. She’s training to become a Master of Shadow while fighting the Shadow Master and various monsters.
  • We finally learn about Zach’s past and hopefully find out about his parents! FINALLY! 😀
  • “This series will focus on Adriane and the mistwolves and will delve deep into mistwolf lore and legends. We’re going to introduce new mages, discover new bondeds, journey to new places, and become immersed in many new mysteries.”
  • “The mages will find out lots more about magic levels and elemental transformation.” Perfecting elemental transformation brings a mage to level four. The wolf that Adriane turns into in Full Circle is her elemental transformation.
  • “The Dark Sorceress has been vanquished. But Adriane has some powerful adversaries in the new trilogy.”
  • Since the mages are in high school, the trilogy may be more mature/dark, but will still have the lighthearted cute animal/comic relief stuff.
  • Allison Strom, the illustrator for the Seven Seas editions of the Web of Magic series, will be doing the art for Shadow Warrior! YES! I don’t know about you, but I love her art.


  1. I must say, you did a remarkably thorough job compiling all the Shadow Warrior information so far. (That’s actually a lot more info than I thought was released O_O) Thanks so much for helping out while I’ve been out. ^_^

    … Isn’t there supposed to be a preview for Shadow Warrior that comes out this summer? I remember reading about it once on the Facebook page….

  2. wow its been about 3 years since the supposed release date of the book. HAs anybody heard from Rachel Roberts?
    the last time she updated her blog was 2 years ago. i was really looking foward to the series. 😦

  3. I’m still patiently waiting for this series. It’s good to know that Shadow Warrior is still in the works (at least according to a 2012 interview), but it would be nice to have a projected release date. I hope it will be worth the wait, though it looks like it will be. More Adriane? More mistwolves? More magic, legends, lore, and background? Yes, please!

    1. I can’t wait till it comes out, I wish there was a release date. I want it to come out, and read before all my friends. I really can’t wait for RR to finish it, I’m freaking out, it’s too much pressure, I can’t sleep!! It’s killing me!

  4. Ah, it’s been so long since I’ve heard any news on Shadow Warrior! Been waiting since 6th grade, now a freshman in High School :’D But I’m sure it’ll be well worth the wait; thank you very much for posting this, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one hoping for the next book!

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