Cry of the Wolf, Chapter 17: A Very Happy Birthday

Horray, it’s Zach’s birthday! Okay, not really, but Adriane decides to celebrate it today because Zach’s never had a birthday party before. (He doesn’t even know when his birthday is, either, since his parents died when he was young and he’s been raised by wolves.) Zach gets an awesome haul: the Sparkly Rock that Adriane found in the remains of Drake’s egg. Adriane tells him that it’s a Dragon Stone, and Zach promptly attunes it to himself. Now he’s bonded to Drake, and he can hear the dragon speak! Yay!

Unfortunately, that also means that this is the last we’ll see of Zach’s bad-ass sword-fighting skills. I guess becoming a mage means that you can’t use weapons that aren’t Sparkly Rocks. (Boo!)

The mistwolves decide to remain on Aldenmor so they can help the Fairimentals guard their world. They also allow Stormbringer to choose who she wants to stay with; she decides to remain with Adriane.

The Fairimentals then open a portal back to Earth, where Emily, Kara, and Ozzie are awaiting Adriane’s return. Kara says a few choice remarks about Zach (along the lines of “Nice souvenir!”), and the Fairimentals complement Ozzie on his work before Adriane and Stormbringer go home. Adriane tries to convince Zach to come with her, but he opts to stay behind with the mistwolves and help them defend Aldenmor. (Besides, it would be quite difficult to hide a dragon on Earth. Who knows how big Drake will grow?)

And if you have the original edition of the book, this is where it ends.

Status Update!
Zach is now a Dragon Rider!
Zach obtains a Dragon Stone!
Zach bonds with Drake!
Zach and Drake leave the party!

Next time: An Ozzie-tastic supplemental section!

One comment

  1. I found myself wishing the ending was longer, although I can’t think of a good reason why. Maybe something with Adriane returning home and filling the others in on what happened, and they reaffirm the importance of their quest. I don’t know. It was a bit abrupt for me, I suppose.

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