Cry of the Wolf, Chapter 16: Oh Crap, Not This Boss Again

Everyone’s favorite manticore is back, and this time he’s sporting leather armor and a nasty-looking iron spike on his tail. The Sorceress dispatched him to collect Adriane and the now-healed animals, but of course, his orders never mentioned bringing them back alive. Adriane and Stormbringer decide to defend the animals, so you know what that means.

Boss: Manticore (take two!)
The same manticore as before, only with stronger armor and nastier attacks. Oh, he reflects magic attacks this time around. Good luck with that.
Attacks: Reflect (does radiation damage)

Adriane obviously doesn’t have an in-book bestiary or index, so she finds out about the manticore’s magic-reflection skills the hard way. She casts Magic Missile, but the manticore inhales the magic and spits it back at her. And since this is an irradiated manticore, the reflected magic is irradiated, too.

The battle doesn’t last for very long: the manticore calls for reptilicon reinforcements, who promptly create a magic net to capture the escaped animals. Their plan doesn’t quite work: the animals and Adriane mysteriously vanish!

Okay, they don’t “mysteriously” vanish: the mistwolf pack (along with Zach and Drake) shows up and cloaks the animals by going into mist form. How’s that for good timing? Now the reptilicons just shoot Magic Missiles willy-nilly, and totally miss the party. However, the manticore smells them and tries to attack….

But Zach and Moonshadow jump out of the mist cloud and totally defeat him after much hack-and-slash action. Zach seriously wounds the manticore, but lets it fly off because Moonshadow advises him to help the animals instead of seeking revenge.

Personal opinion here: Zach, you should’ve finished off the manticore when you had the chance. Now he’ll just come back as a more powerful and even more annoying boss! (Spoiler: this is the last you’ll see of it, thank god.)

Anyway, with the threat adverted, Zach and Moonshadow have heartfelt reunions with Adriane and Silver Eyes, and everyone heads off for the nearest portal out of the Shadowlands. Hooray.

Next time: Zach has a birthday party.



  1. In my ebook edition Adriane realizes that she only escaped because the Sorceress expected her to and that the mistwolves and dragon would show up to aid her, conveniently gathering them all in one spot to be captured (and the manticore remarks that with all those animals healed the Sorceress can drain them a second time). Was this added to the latest edition?

    I also notice that the illustration has the Sorceress present but I can’t find her at all in person for this chapter.

    1. That bit about the healed animals, Drake, and the mistwolves showing up for a massive magic harvest appears in both editions. I think I neglected to mention it in my post above. I was kinda busy getting ready to move to Boston when writing these last few recaps for this book.

      1. All right then. I thought perhaps that Roberts might have added the bit about the Sorceress letting Adriane escape after noticing she escaped too easily. The very fact that these books were revised keeps me wondering if there are changes every time I read the ebooks.

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