Cry of the Wolf, Chapter 12: Baby Blues

Adriane and Drake are about to be attacked by a 10-foot-tall pig-headed monster when Zach literally swoops down on a vine and does some impressive hack-and-slash action. He just showed up to take Drake back to the Fairy Glen and give Adriane some food, but going back may not be such a great idea when a patrol of orcs (those aforementioned giant pig-headed things) is nearby. The party dives into a cave and waits for the orcs to leave. Adriane even makes a little decoy Drake to distract the enemies.

But then the egg hatches.

…Wow, nothing really happened here, either. I apologize for promising something more interesting today when VERY LITTLE OCCURRED.

Status Update!
Adriane learned Decoy!
Drake hatched!
Zach rejoined the party!

Next time: something more interesting happens — I promise.



  1. These chapters feel like they should have been stringed together to make a single longer chapter.

    It’s very common in Japanese fantasy for orcs to be portrayed a pig-headed creatures, which puzzled an American friend of mine who is used to orcs in the Warcraft games and all those Tolkien adaptations, and it surprises me a little to see pig orcs in an American work. This seems to stem back to the first edition of Dungeons & Dragons. I wonder if Rachel Roberts role-played that edition and it influenced her image of orcs?

    1. I have a feeling that Rachel Roberts owns a couple of D&D Monster Manuals, and probably played through Baldur’s Gate a couple of times. Wait until you get to Full Circle, where an aboleth suddenly makes an appearance.

      1. An aboleth? Cool. I like those. I look forward to getting Full Circle even more now.

        Adrian looks happy rather than shocked in the illustration.

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