Character Comparison: Zachariah

Now that we’ve finally learned most of Zach’s backstory, it’s time to compare him to Jewel Riders’ male lead. Remember, there will be spoilers ahead.

Zach is the only human on Aldenmor, the teenaged son of a now-deceased husband-wife team of magic researchers (who may have a dark past of some sort). He was raised by mistwolves, but was recently exiled after his hunting party — which included the pack leader — was captured by a manticore. He now acts as a scout for the Fairimentals. Eventually he rejoins the mistwolves, obtains a Dragon Stone, and bonds with Drake, a red crystal dragon. Zach may also have a crush on Adriane.

DrakeThis is Drake, one of the Wolf Riders of Avalon. Other than being cocky and having a major crush on Gwenevere, there’s not much to his character. Oh, he possesses a Forest Stone and is bonded to a giant wolf named Thunder.

Yeah, this was kind of a loose comparison. It’s hard to compare the male Avalon characters to their Jewel Riders counterparts because the men in the latter rarely ever appeared. All I can say here is that both Zach and Drake have romantic aspirations for one of the main characters, they’re both the most-used male characters in their respective series, and they both have relationships with wolves. Also, I thought that Zach being bonded to a dragon named Drake was a sure sign that Zach was Drake’s analogue.

Credit where it’s due: image from the Jewel Riders Tribute gallery.


  1. Eh, not much to compare this time. Still kind of interesting though.

    Did you like Jewel Riders first and then get into Avalon from the association, or was it the opposite? I personally had never heard of Jewel Riders until after I read about Avalon on Wikipedia once I had bought the revised Circles in the Stream.

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