Cry of the Wolf, Chapter 6: But What About the Mammoths?

Adriane and Rocky run (or roll) up and down hills in the Shadowlands, and make so many bad rock puns that I nearly throw the book down in disgust and consider quitting this project. Seriously, I hate what passes for humor in this series: it’s either bad puns or dryly-described physical comedy. None of it sticks with me, and it detracts from the story — as in, it makes me stop reading and say, “Wait, that was supposed to be funny?”

But enough of my ranting. Instead, you can see a Rocky training montage, free of rock jokes.

Unfortunately, instead of jumping up in victory at the top of the next hill, Adriane and Rocky find a valley full of rivers of Black Fire (wait, it’s some sort of glowing green goo now?) and hundreds of dead wooly mammoth-things. The party takes a brief moment to wonder what kind of bitch would kill herds of mammoths, and then they attempt to navigate the valley.

But wait! Those imps that Scorge summoned finally arrive, and they’re none too friendly. Adriane learns the hard way that, no matter how many Magic Missiles she fires, the imps just reform. Oh, and did I mention that she’s totally surrounded by magical radioactive waste?

Luckily for Adriane, some dude flies in on a griffin and has the courtesy to save her and Rocky. He hates imps, apparently, so he must be a good guy.

Status Update!
Adriane learned Shield!
Some new guy and his griffin joins the party!

EDIT: Changes in the e-book edition

  • Adriane’s Wolf Stone glows crimson, not orange, when she detects danger.

Next time: Adriane learns that her new party members are not what they seem.



  1. Reading the chapter today, I can actually forgive Adriane making awful puns here; trapped in another world with no apparent way of getting home, making stupid jokes might have been her way of coping. At least it’s not the narration making jokes!

    The dead mammoths made for some startlingly macabre imagery for this series. The only way it could be worse is if they creaked into unlife and tried to gore Adriane. Now I kind of want to make a Nightmare Fuel page for Avalon.

    From the descriptions in my version, the “rivers” were just long burning swaths, not literal liquid. Yet it was described as a venom dripping from the manticore’s fangs in this book once.

      1. Now that I think about it, from here on it seemed like each book that I read had at least one dark moment (well, maybe not Song of the Unicorns, unless I’m forgetting something from that).

        1. Eh, closest to “dark moment” in Song of the Unicorns is either Emily’s trippy dream sequence where the Sorceress and Spider Witch spy on her dreams, or that fight in the middle of the book where the party portal-cuts a giant sandworm. Otherwise, yeah, there’s at least one dark moment in each book.

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