Cry of the Wolf, Chapter 2: The Howling

So Adriane runs off to the portal field to hone her Magic Tracking skills. She manages to see through Stormbringer’s eyes, and sense everything the wolf does. Adriane’s so overcome with emotion that she howls.

And then the portal opens.

A black mistwolf steps through, and he’s not very pleased that Adriane summoned him with a wolfsong. (Apparently howling — sorry, wolfsong — is Serious Business.) He tries to attack Adriane, but Stormbringer conveniently intervenes.

The black mistwolf introduces himself as Moonshadow, leader of the mistwolf pack. He invites Stormbringer to run with them in the pack’s time of need. Stormbringer, who always thought she was the last of her kind, decides to join him. Adriane tries to follow, but … well, let’s just say Moonshadow isn’t very fond of humans and bars Adriane from coming along.

And now Adriane’s all sad and alone. Aww.

Status Update!
Adriane learned Wolfsong!
Stormbringer leaves the party!

EDIT: Changes in the e-book edition

  • The portal field is no longer as big as a football field.

Next time: The Catty Girls and Cool Dudes take the Ravenswood Tour. It doesn’t go well.



  1. Rofl @ the title of this post. “Surprise! Everyone’s a werewolf just like in that movie!” would be the best twist ever.

    I always thought that this was a major dick move on Storm’s part. I mean, last chapter they were talking about how Adriane is all lonely and Storm is her best friend, then Storm just ups and leaves with hardly any hesitation. You know, puppyish and dumb as Dreamer could be in the earlier books, I definitely liked him better than Storm, because she talks like a motivational poster/fortune cookie but then pulls shit like this. Beyond that, she didn’t even have much personality.

    1. I’m kind of indifferent to Stormbringer. After reading through the series multiple times, I just felt like she was there to perform a heroic sacrifice (even though she doesn’t really die) so Adriane could get her as an elemental summon later on. I understand why she leaves Adriane at this point in the story, but I do wish she would’ve discussed it with Adriane before jumping through the portal.

      Then again, Adriane’s whole deal is that she’s always abandoned — first by her parents, then this scene — so maybe that’s why Storm has to go.

      Oh, huzzah that someone else loves The Howling. I thought no-one would get the reference.

  2. So Adriane only shared a body with Storm for a moment? I always thought she became a wolf herself briefly. Somehow I just never read that part very carefully, I suppose.

    Those mistwolves should have been like the werewolves in The Howling and debate amongst over whether they could live in Ravenswood in peace or to go around eating people. Storm could have argued they could be safer on Earth, and that would have been a good reason to leave Adriane.

    1. Adriane can somehow merge with the wolves she’s bonded with. It’s explained a little better in Dark Mage. She doesn’t gain the ability to turn into a wolf until Full Circle. The shapeshifting power isn’t some new mage ability; Adriane absorbed shadow magic during a battle in Dark Mage, which gave her the ability to turn into a wolf.

      1. I see. Thank you for explaining that. I really need to read these more carefully, especially since I started rereading Cry of the Wolf just to go along with your blog, waiting for all of the ebook versions to come out.

        1. They’re taking their sweet time re-releasing the e-books, though. Song of the Unicorns just came out this month, and still no word on the rest of the series. Thanks for following along ^_^

          1. You’re welcome! I did notice the ebook on sale a few days ago, and was hoping the other books would come out soon after since it looks to me like the first six books were released two books at a time every two or so days to Amazon. I suppose not though.

          2. Wait, there was a re-release of the e-books in early 2013? How many books did they end up re-releasing back then?

            The first four books were re-released again from mid-2016 through early 2017, it seems. According to Amazon, book 2 came out on June 12, 2016; book 3 on June 13, 2016; book 1 on January 7, 2017; and book 4 on February 7, 2017 – and nothing since then. That makes no sense.

            Does anyone have a detailed list of every release date for every edition of the books? I’m interested in knowing the release history. Also, are there any differences between the various releases of the e-books?

          3. If you look up all the books on Goodreads, they should have all the release dates for each edition listed there. I don’t know if there’s differences between the e-book editions. My copies are the Premier Digital Publishing editions. If someone wants to check differences between those and the Open Road Media and the Red Sky Presents editions, go right ahead ^_^

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