All That Glitters, Epilogue: Some Important Set-Up Materials

I’m surprised the Epilogue was left out of revised edition, but I can see why it’s been excised: these events are mentioned in passing during the course of Cry of the Wolf. Still, it’s interesting to see what causes the events of the next book to occur.

First we have an e-mail from Melin (I think it’s supposed to be Meilin, but whatever), a Chinese girl who is one of the Ravenswood website’s first visitors:

Very excellent Web site! So much information about animals! I am an animal lover in China and so happy to find you. 🙂 I wish I could have a pet, but my father will not let me — he is an archaeologist, and we must travel too much. We are now on the site of a new dig about two hours north of Shanghai and it is very exciting. My father says we have found an ancient city. Yesterday the team dug up a statue of a dragon lying curled around an egg. A very big egg. But this does not look like most Chinese dragons, and I am very curious to learn more. Do you know how I can learn more information about magical creatures?

Your new friend,

I guess Melin guessed the password for the private site, because she asks the party about magical creatures. Also, her English grammar’s pretty good for a Chinese-speaking girl. (Maybe she used Babelfish?)

After this is a brief scene in which a mistwolf is captured by shadowy hunters in the Shadowlands. And that’s it.

Next time: first impressions on the next book, Cry of the Wolf.


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