Character Comparison: The Dark Sorceress

Now that we’ve finally been introduced to our main antagonist, the Dark Sorceress, it’s time to compare her to her Jewel Riders counterpart. Again, there will be spoilers below.

The Dark Sorceress is a half-human, half-animal woman who wants to horde magic for herself. Her aim is to enter Avalon, the source of all magic, and control whatever lies inside. She lives in a lair somewhere in the Shadowlands of Aldenmor, where she steals magic from magical animals (or tortures them, depending on which version you’re reading). Unfortunately, her deeds have caused Black Fire, the magical equivalent of radioactive fallout, to spread over Aldenmor, turning that world into a sort of nuclear wasteland. The Sorceress is Kara’s great-aunt, and the sister of the fairy queen Lucinda, who is Kara’s … uh … grandmother or great-grandmother, I guess. (The chronology in this series is screwy in regards to this.)  She covets magic and power because she was jealous of her sister’s goodness and purity.

KaleThis is Lady Kale, sister of Queen Anya of Avalon, and aunt of Princess Gwenevere / Starla.  She became an outlaw after being denied the throne, supposedly for not being good enough.  After finding an Enchanted Jewel of her own (an appropriately-named Dark Stone), Kale endeavors to take over the kingdom, which usually involves gathering magical items like the Crown Jewels or the Wizard Jewels.  When not doing evil deeds, Kale hangs out in Castle Thornwood, which sits in a forest corrupted by the dark magic of her jewel.

So we got our antagonists who are distantly related to one of the main characters! They both turned evil out of jealousy for a more popular or “good” sibling, and they both live in lairs in areas full of dark magic. Oh, and they both have dragon-themed clothing / features: Kale has a dragon-shaped headdress, and the Sorceress has silver claws and reptilian eyes — and that’s before the shit hits the fan in the last book.

Credit where it’s due: picture taken from the Jewel Riders Tribute gallery.



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