All That Glitters, Chapter 21: The Party Goes Online

(Note: in the original edition, this is Chapter 22.)

It’s been a few days since the last chapter, and everything’s back to normal: Kara’s hair is blond again, Emily and Adriane are working on the Ravenswood website, and the Catty Girl Posse is IM’ing Kara incessantly. The Catty Girls are still a little miffed that Kara’s hanging out with the party, but Kara reassures them that they’re still BFFs no matter where their interests lie. It’s here we learn that Heather is working on the school play is a decent singer (this is important later!), Molly’s parents have a catering business, and Tiffany is in the school band takes dance lessons (which was mentioned earlier in the book). Nice to see that the Catty Girls actually have lives beyond shopping and being popular.

Anyway, the big event today is that the party’s publishing their website. They got the public and private sites completed, and all they have to do is log onto the city server. (The original edition even mentions the private site’s domain: This isn’t the official website’s address — there’s no record of it on the Wayback Machine, and typing the address into the browser only leads to a rather blank page.) Kara decides to mark the occasion by giving Emily and Adriane new bracelets for their Sparkly Rocks. Emily gets a silver bracelet, and Adriane gets a black leather band with turquoise inlays (which, for some reason, are never included in the book’s illustrations). Pretty spiffy, huh?

Then Emily dials logs onto the server, and Kara inputs the private site’s (very weak) password: Avalon. The site’s published, and the readers get a glimpse of the homepage:

Open 11 A.M. to dusk

Please stay on the paths and don’t feed the animals.
Take only pictures and leave only footprints.

The Guides of the Ravenswood Preserve, Emily Fletcher, Adriane Chardáy, and Kara Davies, have created this Web site so people all over the world can learn about wildlife preservation. Wander through the site and discover what makes Ravenswood so special.

Here, we are all explorers and students of nature. We all have a role in protecting our natural world and every creature that lives there. If we care for the earth, these special friends and wild places will be preserved and available for our families and future generations to enjoy.


  • Respect our planet and all life forms we share with it.
  • Preserve endangered and threatened animals and their habitats.
  • Protect wild animals and wild places.
  • Save all wonders of the living natural world.
  • Promote care and positive action for the natural world.
  • Value the wilderness and the wild things that live there.

And if you have the revised edition, this is where the book ends.

EDIT: Changes in the e-book edition (including bestiary)

  • Kara texts the Catty Girls instead of IM-ing them.
  • The homepage is omitted. The homepage text from both print editions has been added to the recap above.
  • Water Fairimentals have been reclassified as Neutral.

Next time: All the stuff new readers missed out on at the end of the original edition!


  1. I just finished reading this, and I’m surprised to learn so much stuff was cut from the e-book edition. Why? Space isn’t an issue!

    Also, how/why did Kara’s hair turn back to normal? And how are there no repercussions for the mall incident? And did no one see Kara taking off on the unicorn?

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