All That Glitters, Chapter 15: Kara’s Worst Hair Day

Kara’s determined to get through school without anybody knowing about her technicolor dream hair — which is why she piles it all under a pink beret. (No, this doesn’t count as a Pimped-Out Kara Outfit. It’s just a hat.) Unfortunately, there’s a school assembly that day, and the principal calls on Kara to make an impromptu presentation about the Ravenswood Preservation Society. Of course, the worst possible thing happens: the dragonflies show up and carry Kara’s hat away. Now the entire school knows about Kara’s new do … and first impressions aren’t so great.

Luckily, Emily’s good at BS’ing, and she says that Kara’s hair is “symbolic” of a “rainbow coalition of species” all working together to save the planet or something. Kara throws in an “animals are people, too!” which makes everyone at school go, “Okay, maybe rainbow hair is freaking awesome.”

There’s no differences between editions here, other than that Kara’s wearing a different-colored jacket and the dragonflies cause a little more mayhem. But that’s not really important.

EDIT: Changes in the e-book edition

  • Kara doesn’t look around the auditorium when the dragonflies show up.
  • The dragonflies don’t cry out when Kara squashes them with her hat on stage.

Next time: the party meets up with the Catty Girls and the Cool Dudes. This may not be such a good idea.


  1. The illustration for this chapter doesn’t do a good job of, well, illustrating the fact that Kara has awesome rainbow hair. Even in black and white, there should be a way to convey it.

    Also, why is Kara embarrassed about rainbow hair. Don’t a lot of girls (and some guys) dye their hair these days? She could just pass it off as stylish.

    And why do the dragonflies follow her to school? Do they think she’s their mommy or something?

    1. Back when this book was written, dying one’s hair in bright colors was Not A Thing. I remember people thinking it was weird that I put red streaks in my hair in the early 2000s.

      Kara’s magic power is basically to Attract All the Magic Animals. So it’s probably why the dragonflies follow her everywhere.

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