All That Glitters, Chapter 13: Oh Great, Another Battle

So the banshee pops out of the hot tub, but doesn’t go for Kara — instead it reaches for the Sparkly Horn. (Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that Kara took it off before her soak.) Anyway, Kara tries to get it back, and after trashing the hot tub room and getting burned by the banshee, she eventually retrieves the Sparkly Horn with some help from the dragonflies. (How did those dragonflies know Kara was in trouble?) Kara casts some sort of Protection from Evil spell, which causes the banshee to flee through the hot tub, saying something to the effect of “You’ll doom us all!”

And then this scene occurs in the original edition:

Kara’s heart beat wildly as she stood clutching her magic jewel.

Lyra was carefully picking her way through the wreckage.

Kara began to shake. “What happened to it?”

Lyra came up to her.  “Something frightened the creature.”

“What?” Kara asked.  “Me?”  Then she turned to the mirror behind her.

Status Update!
Kara learned Protection from Evil!

Next time: Kara learns what’s in the mirror. It’s not pretty.

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