All That Glitters, Chapter 12: Hot Tub Relaxation Machine

A few hours later, the party ends. Molly’s mum picks up the Catty Girls, and the Cool Dudes walk over to Joey’s house to play some video game. Of course, I imagine that the Cool Dudes are playing NHL 94 like in Swingers (warning: language NSFW):

But this is a Kara-centric book, so we’re stuck watching Kara change into a bathing suit and fawn over her Sparkly Horn. Of course, how much she fawns over it depends on which edition you’re reading. The original just has her look at the jewel and go, “Oh, I guess it does kinda look like a horn. It’s so sparkly!” In the new edition, however, she goes, “OMG it’s so sparkly — but wait, haven’t I seen this shape before somewhere?” (Remember, the water fairimentals didn’t tell Kara her jewel was a horn in the new edition.)

After that brief reverie, Kara tries to harness her powers (new edition only):

Gingerly, she felt for the magic, letting her senses reach out. Prickling energy wrapped up and down her arms and through her hair. Kara felt light-headed as magic surged through the very core of her being. It was like nothing she had ever felt before — strange, wild, and wonderful!

She realized she was breathing too fast as the force crested like a tidal wave. Suddenly she was terrified of losing control. She frantically willed it to stop. Electricity pulsed through her body, trailing off her fingertips like faint static.

Kara then looks at herself in the mirror … and doesn’t see herself reflected in it. Instead it’s an older version of her (the age lines are a dead giveaway) with weird white streaks in her hair and eyes with slits for pupils. Kara blinks, and the image goes away. Thoroughly freaked out, Kara jumps into the hot tub and soaks.

And then an oily substance bubbles up from the drain, and takes the form of a banshee. Hamburgers.

EDIT: Changes in the e-book edition

  • Kara no longer thinks it would be awesome if she fully unleashed her magic.

Next time: Kara vs Banshee, round two … FIGHT!


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