All That Glitters, Chapter 6: Website Creation 101

Gotta get this out of the way now: this book, in its original incarnation, doubles as an advertisement for the series’ official website.  The conceit is that the party created the site, ostensibly for the Ravenswood Wildlife Preserve; type a password in a secret place, however, and you pull up information on magical animals and other fun things.  (This entire plan is only detailed in the original edition.)  Too bad the original website doesn’t look like an old Geocities or Tripod site, with busy backgrounds or text in unreadable colors or scrolling marquees…

Damn, I’m showing my age, aren’t I?

Anyway, the party heads to the Ravenswood library, which is described as either a study from Victorian times, or a “mad architect’s dream” that, for me, ultimately disappoints.

Personally, I wish the library looked like this.

The only consistent thing in both editions is the orrery, which is mounted to the ceiling, and is apparently ornate and awesome.

The party needs a computer so they can set up the website, and maybe find Mr. Gardener’s original site files.  The new edition mentions that the old website went dead 2 years ago, the same time he disappeared.  (Oddly enough, that was about the same time the original series’ website was taken down.)  Kara suggests that the Cool Dude Gang help out with the HTML coding, since they’re totally into that stuff, but Adriane will have none of it.  She’s not fond of Kara’s blog idea, either.

There’s supposed to be a computer in the library, but the party can’t find it, so they borrow Kara’s laptop.  After hooking it up to a modem finding a wi-fi hotspot, the party goes online … and the browser crashes.  AIM apparently works, though, because the Catty Girl Posse starts IM-ing, wondering why Kara’s hanging out with the creepy girls at the creepy preserve.  Adriane sees the IMs and gets really pissed at Kara, even though it’s Kara’s friends who said Adriane was a creep, and not Kara herself.

Long story short, Kara leaves the party — well, more like Adriane and Emily leave the party, because this is a Kara-centric book, after all.

EDIT: Changes in the e-book edition

  • Kara gives Emily a copy of the town council’s e-mail instead of a fax.
  • Kara’s laptop is brand new.
  • The Catty Girls’ emoji changed again: :0) is replaced with 😉

Next time: Kara gets a Sparkly Rock of her very own.



  1. That was a clever idea with the first edition, tying the website into it like that. It really would have been funny had it been a poorly-done Geocities page.

    Having a magical library as a home base showed up in the recent program Smile Precure!, with bookshelves that can teleport you around the world.

  2. It’s mentioned Kara’s computer crashed, not the browser. I realize the author probably just got the terminology wrong, but it still struck me at odd, because a bad Internet connection wouldn’t crash a computer. They even had to do a reboot, something that you wouldn’t do with a browser; you’d just re-open it. It’s a damn fast reboot, too, because Kara’s IM program came right back up.

    Also, it’s odd that the author updated the modem to a wireless Wi-Fi signal, but the girls still worried over how to test it. Just disable to mobile data on your cell phone and check for Wi-Fi.

    Also, why would there still be Internet there if Gardener disappeared two years ago? Who’s been paying for it?

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