All That Glitters, Chapter 5: Power Leveling for the Win

Even though the Catty Girl Posse (Catty Girls minus Molly in original edition) are going to be pissed about it, Kara decides to rejoin the party at Ravenswood over the weekend.  Emily had mapped out a tour route for the preserve during Kara’s absence, and Adriane … well, she did some major grinding.  Angry at Kara’s casual attitude, Adriane shows off one of the new attack spells she learned:

Adriane spun in a balanced martial arts move.  She swung her arm and a ribbon of golden light spiraled from the tigereye gem at her wrist.  She whipped the stream of light into a golden ring.  With a snap of her wrist, Adriane sent the ring into the air.  The dark-haired girl gracefully moved her arms, and the ring, floating, settled around Kara.  Adriane spun back and resumed her stance, neat and slick.  Magic sparkles danced around Kara and winked out.

Okay, obviously a harmless version of the spell, but still … Adriane shows off just how much she leveled up.  Kara feels left out and significantly underpowered.

The girls go behind Ravenswood Manor to the lawn and meet up with Ozzie, who’s conducting roll-call for all the refugees.  Everyone’s accounted for, including Lyra, who just prowls around the area.  But then some weird red golden flying thing zooms past, which elicits different responses from the party, depending on the edition.  In the original, Emily makes a rather calm remark:

“I don’t know,” Emily said.  “I’ve been keeping careful logs of the animals.  I don’t think we’ve had any new visitors, but I could be wrong.”

The revised version turns this into a chance for Ozzie to boast a little:

“I don’t know.”  Emily re-checked her call sheet.  “Anyone come through this morning?”

“Not on my watch!” Ozzie answered stoutly.

“Ozzie, this is a sanctuary,” Adriane reminded him.

The girls then worry a bit about how the town council — especially Mrs. Windor — will react to Lyra’s appearance at school the previous day.  And then they head off to the manor for website design funtime.

Status Update!
Adriane learned … uh … Create Weapon? (If you can think of a better spell name from D&D or a video game, send it to me!)
Edit: Gotta thank a real-life friend for this one. I’m gonna call this variant of Create Weapon Wolf Whirl, after an attack from Super Mario RPG.

EDIT: Changes in the e-book edition

  • Kara has a rhinestone-covered tote bag instead of a leather backpack.
  • Stormbringer tells Kara that the animals thank her for “saving,” not “securing,” Ravenswood for them.

Next time: the girls try to find an internet connection.


One comment

  1. I wonder why there’s any reason to change how Adriane performs in the second edition?

    Nice, Super Mario RPG reference.

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