All That Glitters, Chapter 3: The First Day of School

Kara goes to school the next day and does her normal social butterfly things: set up her locker (complete with mirror, stick-on light, and air freshener), say hello to her Catty Girl Posse, and go to homeroom with her best friend Heather.  She also gets props for her new First Day of School Outfit, a “white linen shirt” and “aqua-blue capris”.

Pimped-Out Kara Outfit Count: 1

Despite trying to focus on normal things like school and socializing, though, Kara’s mind wanders throughout homeroom.  She can’t stop thinking about her weird adventures in Ravenswood over the summer, or the green goop on the roof by her bedroom window.  While thus preoccupied, Kara sees a large cat (Lyra) outside on the tree and senses an odd connection with it.  She screams, but nobody else sees the cat there.  Kara is thoroughly embarrassed.

What happens at lunchtime doesn’t help matters.  Everyone at school heard about the homeroom incident, and Kyle’s Cool Dude Gang — now formally introduced — won’t drop the subject.

And then Lyra jumps on the lunch table in front of Kara, and shit hits the fan.

Not much else to comment on here, other than that in the original edition, Molly is mysteriously a blonde.  The Catty Girl Posse’s descriptions in the original version were never consistent.

Also, we finally meet Kyle’s friends: Joey Micetti (the only one who’s mentioned by his full name), Adam, and Marcus (who’s apparently cute, according to Kara).  We’ll be seeing more of them later.  And in case you’re wondering, the Cool Dude Gang are not being set up as the party’s love interests, despite Kara’s little crush on Marcus.

EDIT: Changes in the e-book edition

  • Lyra snarls at the Catty Girls and Cool Dudes.

Next time: the rest of the party shows up.  Hilarity ensues.



  1. I like descriptions of Kara’s clothes. I think describing clothes can be good for showing what kind of person a character is to an extent.

    The Strom illustration of Lyra confronting Kara in the canteen is hilarious. The look on Kara’s face is just priceless.

    Marcus is the one that turns into a donkey in All’s Fairy in Love and War, yes? The name sounds familiar.

  2. Why is Kara’s homeroom teacher going over class assignments and homework? It’s homeroom! The only things that happen there are attendance and school announcements.

    Do schools even have homeroom anymore? I remember my high school homeroom teacher calling it a waste of time, and he wished they’d get rid of it.

    I remember, in middle school, we changed homeroom teachers from one year to the next; in high school, we kept the same teacher for all four years.

    1. When I was in middle school, homeroom was whatever your first class of the day was (English, math, etc.), and it changed each year. Still, going over homework assignments on the first day of school is kinda odd, unless they had some sort of project to complete over the summer.

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