All That Glitters, Chapter 1: The Case of the Missing Sweater

Oh noes.  Kara’s trying to assemble her First Day of Seventh Grade outfit, and she can’t find the blue sweater she just bought.  Her nameless mother doesn’t know where it is, her older brother Kyle is waving a melting ice cream sandwich all over the place, and her father is asking her about the party’s progress on the Ravenswood website.  The Catty Girl Posse — Tiffany on speakerphone, and everyone else on IM — has no clue what’s going on.  And Emily just wants to know if Kara got the info for the aforementioned website.

Yeah, Kara’s having a stressful day.  But hey, she has a chance to find a Sparkly Rock of her own and get the best magic, because she totally deserves it.

There aren’t too many changes between the original and new versions here.  The most significant change is something Kyle shouts out to Tiffany on the speakerphone in the original edition:

“Hi yourself, Tiffany, and tell Joey we’re playing b-ball tomorrow.”

This suggests that Joey — a member of Kyle’s Cool Dude Gang — is either Tiffany’s brother or boyfriend.  However, the character sheet confirms that Tiffany has neither boyfriend or brother … so why is he there?  The line isn’t in the new edition, probably because of this confusion.

The other major change is in Kara’s inner monologue recap of the previous book.  In the original edition, she remarks that “Emily had healed sick animals and even found a talking ferret named ‘Ozzie.'”  Sounds like Ozzie is Emily’s bonded animal friend, right?  Of course, as the series goes on, this turns out not to be the case.  The part about finding Ozzie is taken out in the new edition.

On a minor note, the IM chat is slightly different between editions, but only because emoticons have changed over the past 10 years.  The girls in the new edition use those Asian-style emoticons like 0.o (oh dear!) when they learn that Kara lost her sweater, instead of :/ (uh … yeah, so what?).  Also, I haven’t seen anyone use :-* (kisses!) in forever — I think the last time was in the original version of this book.

At least we learn most of the characters’ screennames here — and I can tell you that we’ll be seeing more of them in the future.  Quick reference:

  • Kara: kstar (“K” for Kara, “star” because she’s the Blazing Star)
  • Emily: docdolittle (she talks to and heals animals)
  • Heather: credhead (uh … she’s a redhead and she loves to shop?)
  • Molly: goodgollymolly (like the song)
  • Tiffany: beachbunny (I’m not sure about this one…)

EDIT: Changes in the e-book edition

  • Technology marches on again: Kara texts the Catty Girls and Emily, instead of talking to them in a chatroom.
  • The Catty Girls’ emoji have changed again. 0.o is replaced with >:o
  • Mayor Davies gets an e-mail from the town council about Ravenswood instead of a fax. He shows it to Kara on his iPhone, and forwards a copy to her e-mail.
  • Emily refers to the Ravenswood website as “theirs” instead of the town council’s.
  • A few lines are added regarding Emily’s and Adriane’s jewels:

    Emily’s was a bright rainbow flower that shone with healing blues and greens. Adriane’s paw-shaped wolf stone sparked with a fierce gold that matched the girl’s warrior powers.

Next time: Kara has an awesome dream.



  1. Kstar. I like that.

    I have never seen :-* before. Being Asian myself, I only knew about emoticons popular in Japan and China at that time.

  2. Ooh, a Kara-centric book. Let’s see…

    Who the hell starts seventh grade at thirteen years old? That would make the girls already legal adults by the time that they start senior year.

    Kyle is one year old, according to the e-book edition. Please tell me that something was accidentally deleted, and it’s not just an error that they hadn’t caught after two revisions.

    Heh, funny that the blonde girl has a non-magical friend named Molly. I wonder if she talks with a Brooklyn accent.

    1. In older editions of the series, Kara and the other girls are 12 years old when they start 7th grade. I’m not sure why they were aged up for the revision. As the series goes on, you’ll notice more continuity issues regarding the girls’ ages.

      My edition of the e-book says that Kyle is one year older than Kara. Must be a typo in your copy.

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