Character Comparison: Kara Davies

Since the rest of the book is the equivalent of the first dungeon and boss of a typical RPG, now is a good time to take a closer look at our newest main character and her Jewel Riders analogue.  Just as before, this entry will be rife with spoilers (even more so than last time!), so be warned.

Kara Davies is the daughter of Stonehill’s mayor and a prominent lawyer.  Her family is very well-to-do and spoils her.  She is the last to obtain her jewel, a diamond shaped like a unicorn’s horn, which enhances her magic-amplifying abilities; it later evolves into a pink-and-red crystal horn.  She is bonded to Lyra, an Aldenmorish* winged leopard, and a flock of fairy dragons (dragonflies, as she calls them).  She is the first to bond with an elemental paladin, a fire elemental horse she names Starfire.  Kara is also a fairy princess, descended from Lucinda, one of the greatest fairy queens — which makes her the grandniece of the Dark Sorceress, the series’ big bad.  When not trying to find Avalon, Kara is usually shopping with her Catty Girl Posse, cheerleading, organizing benefit events for Ravenswood, or disagreeing with Adriane.

Gwenevere / StarlaThis is Gwenevere — Starla if you lived outside of the US — the princess of Avalon.  Her Sunstone, which she receives at the end of Jewel Riders’ first episode, grants her light-based powers.  Sunstar, a winged unicorn, is her mount.  Gwen is the niece of Lady Kale, the series’ main villain.  When not trying to save her kingdom, she is usually found socializing at royal functions.

So, here we have two blonde princesses who are related to their respective series’ antagonists.  They both have winged bonded animals, their jewels were originally owned by other family members, and they both love to wear pink.  And that’s about all they have in common — not much when compared to the other characters we’ve looked at.


* The series never offers a word for anything that originates from Aldenmor, the magical world linked to Earth via the Ravenswood portal.  In this blog, Aldenmorish will describe animals and objects from Aldenmor (IE: “Lyra is an Aldenmorish winged leopard), and Aldenmoor will describe humans (IE: “Zach is an Aldenmoor”).

** And credit where it’s due: image taken from the Jewel Riders Tribute gallery.


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