Character Comparisons: Adriane and Ozzie

Since a new character will be formally introduced in the next chapter, it’s time to compare our most recent arrivals — Adriane and Ozzie — to their Jewel Riders counterparts.  This will be very spoilerriffic, so be warned.

Let’s look at Adriane first.  Adriane Charday (Chardáy in the first half of the original series; the accent is later dropped) is a half-French, half-Native American girl who lives with her grandmother on the Ravenswood Preserve while her artist parents travel the world.  Her sparkly rock —  a paw-shaped tiger’s eye she found prior to the series’ start —  allows her to manipulate natural objects; create magical weapons and shields; and enhances her strength, endurance, and reflexes.  By the end of the series, it evolves into a silver stone with golden accents, similar to some varieties of moonstone.  She is bonded to Stormbringer, a mistwolf who eventually becomes her elemental paladin, and Drake, a red dragon who lives on Aldenmor.  Dreamer, an orphaned mistwolf cub from Aldenmor, takes Stormbringer’s place later on in the series.  When not trying to find Avalon, Adriane practices her magic or does chores on the preserve.

This is Fallon — well, in a fancy party dress, instead of her normal garb.  She is a Gypsy; her parents are artisans who travel all over Avalon.  Fallon bears the Moonstone, which gives her powers of stealth and illusion.  Her mount is Moondance, a unicorn princess.  When not protecting Avalon, she’s competing in outdoor games with the Pack, the male equivalents of the Jewel Riders who rarely make appearances in episodes.

Okay, so both girls are the token ethnic characters with absent artist parents.  They both have — or will have — moonstones as weapons.  They both favor dark colors: Adriane usually wears black or blue, and Fallon often wears purple.  And they’re both tomboys.  As Avalon progresses, Adriane will also undergo similar trials as Fallon — namely, losing and recovering her primary bonded animal.

Alright, now on to Ozzie.  Ozymandias — Ozzie for short — claims he’s an elf in a ferret’s body.  He was sent to Earth to find three mages to save Aldenmor, his homeworld, and find Avalon, the home of magic.  He doesn’t do much other than try to help the mages on their quest.  Halfway through the series, Ozzie obtains a golden jewel and becomes a mage in his own right.  This jewel gives him the power to … talk very loud.  Due to his unusual predicament, Ozzie is bonded to himself, and thus requires no bonded animal.  His ferret form also gives him abilities that aren’t realized until the end of the series.  When not aiding the girls, Ozzie is eating liver snaps, organizing information in the Ravenswood library, or helping Emily “run” the Pet Palace kennel.

The character most similar to Ozzie in Jewel Riders is Archimedes — Archie for short.  He is a talking owl, once owned by Merlin the wizard, who helps the Jewel Riders on their quest to find first the Crown Jewels, then the Wizard Jewels, in order to save Avalon.  And … that’s about all he does.  Seriously.

So we got two different kinds of talking animal mentors.  Depending on which version of Avalon you have, they both wear clothes.  (Check out the promotional artwork from the old website if you don’t believe me.)  They both have Greek names, and … um … they have similar speech tics.  No, really: check out around the 6:53 mark of this clip and tell me if you don’t hear Ozzie when Archie speaks.


Credit where it’s due: pictures are from the Jewel Riders Tribute gallery.



  1. That was a fun clip. I need to see more.

    Thank you for more character comparisons. It deepens my enjoyment of these works.

    The links to the old site don’t work any more even with the Wayback Machine. How unfortunate; I wanted to see Ozzy in clothes.

    1. Ack, I thought that was just me who was having problems with the Wayback Machine links. Makes me wish I had kept copies of everything that was on the website. Unfortunately, that means I’ve lost two unpublished short stories and most of Ozzie’s backstory materials. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

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