Circles in the Stream, Chapter 9: The Party Gets a Quest

Even though there’s not much different between both editions of this chapter, a lot happens.  Let’s see if I can get through it all…

So Emily helps Phel heal Ariel the irradiated snow owl, and Adriane notices that Emily’s sparkly rocks glows during the act.  This isn’t the first time a sparkly rock has reacted: Adriane’s shone when she was magically making tree branches move a couple chapters back.  So we know what the rocks do: Adriane’s manipulates natural objects, and Emily’s heals.

After all the animals get healed, the girls convince Ozzie to give the refugees a pep talk.  It mostly consists of Ozzie relating how he arrived on Earth.  Unfortunately for Ozzie, this is one of the three times — yes, three — we’ll get any background information on him beyond elf-trapped-in-ferret’s-body.  (If you’re curious about the other two times, one is in a letter Ozzie writes home that was originally only available online — I think a version of it is included in Cry of the Wolf — and the other is somewhere in the middle of Dark Mage.  I’ll discuss both of those when we get to them.)  And since this is one of the few times we’ll learn anything about Ozzie, I’ll quote the passage from the new edition below:

“Hello, I’m Ozymandias, er, Ozzie….  I am an elf….  I’m from Aldenmor, like you [the refugees].  I grew up in the village of Farthingdale, near the Moorgroves….  It’s a secluded Elven place.  Too secluded for me — I wanted to explore the world.  If I had known any better I would’ve stayed home! …One day, I wandered out among the Moorgroves and got lost in the dark forests.  Phel found me and brought me to the Fairy Glen, and I actually met Fairimentals!”

Note from me: Fairimental is a portmanteau of “fairy” and “elemental”.  They’re magical beings made of earth, fire, air, and water.  We’ll actually meet a few in a little bit.  Going on….

“They knew I was coming, don’t ask me how — who knows the ways of fairies?  They told me Aldenmor was is great danger, that there would be no place safe….  The Fairimentals are searching for an enchanted place, the source of all magic.  They said they needed ‘humans’ to help….”

However, Ozzie hasn’t found his complete party yet.  He has a healer — Emily, obviously — and a warrior — Adriane, whom Stormbringer calls “warrior”.  All he needs now is a “blazing star”.

And what exactly is this party supposed to do?  Luckily, some Fairimentals appear briefly to tell them: find Avalon, the home of magic.

So, brief recap of everything, as per Emily (new edition only):

“But one thing seems sure: these animals have come from another world, and that world is being poisoned by something terrible….  Okay, now some kind of doorway between worlds has opened — a portal as Ozzie calls it — and the hurt animals are making their way here, where it’s safe….  And the fairimentals want us to find something … a place….”

“Avalon.  The home of magic.” [says Adriane]

“Adriane, Ozzie said the fairimentals need three mages….  If we are two of them … who’s the third?”

EDIT: Changes in the e-book edition

  • Ronif realizes that Emily and Adriane are mages and runs off to tell the other quiffles.
  • A blue rabbit-thing states that a monster will hunt the refugees, instead of asking why the monster hunts them.

Next time: the party finds their third mage … maybe.


One comment

  1. Good that Emily and Adrianne final learn what’s happening.

    I just bought the first omnibus, so I might read along with the posts. I don’t notice anything different from the revised editions so far except that now there is only one cover.

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