Circles in the Stream, Chapter 7: The Great Purple Panda Adventure

Again we have another chapter where not much has changed between editions.  Let’s see:

  • Emily and Ozzie meet Adriane at Ravenswood.
  • Adriane plots course on map; party follows course.
  • Party stumbles upon a field full of rainbow flowers; Ozzie says they’re magic.
  • Gunshots are fired; party investigates.
  • Oh noes, it’s hunters shooting at a purple Totoro-esque thing called Phelonius.
  • Adriane distracts hunters, uses magic for first time to make branches move.
  • Yay, Totoro-thing is saved.

Only two major changes.  One: Emily’s mother worries over Emily returning to the preserve in this exchange:

“Hey, Mom.”  Emily opened the refrigerator and grabbed the orange juice.  “I’m going over to Adriane’s, okay?”

“Chores done?”

Emily smiled.  “Yup.  And the cat’s doing much better, too.”

“That’s great, Doc.  But wouldn’t it be better if Adriane came here?”

“Why?”  Emily gulped down her juice while she waited for an English muffin to toast.

“I’m not happy about you going into those woods.”

“Mom!  Adriane lives in a house, not in the woods!”

Second: we finally get a more detailed description of Emily!  Now we know that, at least for today, she’s wearing shorts, an aqua blue T-shirt, and hiking boots.  And we all know that clothing descriptions mark someone as a Main Character in these books.

EDIT: Changes in the e-book edition

  • Carolyn smiles at Emily before asking her if Adriane can visit them.
  • Adriane wears a black T-shirt instead of a blue one.

Next time: the party runs into more victims of radiation poisoning.



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